Window, Gutter and Fascia Cleaning. 

The Norfolk Cleaning Group don't just offer domestic and commercial cleaning services. We also offer window, gutter and fascia cleaning. The window cleaning division was established in 2017, when we bought specialist window cleaning equipment from another company. We then trained our staff to use this specialist equipment and in turn The Norfolk Cleaning Window Cleaning Division was created. Since then we've kept advancing our technology and methods, to give our customers the best service they can get. 

Window Cleaning.

Our Pure Freedom Pole window cleaning system doesn't use any detergents, only pure, deionised, filtered water. Reaching heights of up to 70ft without the use of ladders or squeegees. We offer one of window cleaning or regular cleaning.  For interior windows we can also offer a high reach cleaning system. Using the Unger Stingray Technology, we can carry out high reach interior window cleaning. The long reach pole system, has an internal spray which sprays out easily at height. Interior and exterior window cleaning made easy.

  Window, Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

Look out for our window cleaning division, out and about in North Norfolk. 

Cleaning Gutters and Fascias. 

We all know that a blocked gutter is the same as no gutter. Our window cleaning division are trained to clean gutters and fascias. Using a gutter cleaning machine, they vacuum leaves and debris out of the gutter, leaving them free from blockages and improving water flow. We can reach up to three storeys high. The Fascia cleaning machine can reach up to 70ft from the ground, and 100ft from the van. Removing green algae, dirt and debris from your fascias. We can also clean solar panels and conservatory's using this water spray method.  

Dirty windows and blocked gutters can be a thing of the past, we do all the hard work for you.

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