Window, Gutter and Fascia Cleaning in King's Lynn

Why choose us?

Looking for a hassle-free way to keep your windows, gutters, and fascias in King's Lynn clean and sparkling?

  • We are experts in cleaning windows, gutters, and fascias
  • We only use deionised water, completely free of detergents
  • Our innovative techniques allow us to reach heights up to 70 ft without the need for ladders or squeegees

At The Norfolk Cleaning Group, we are your partners in preserving the beauty and value of your property. For expert window, gutter, and fascia cleaning services in King's Lynn, contact us today on 01692 407 690, email us at,  or fill in our form for a no-obligation quote and experience the difference our cleaning services can make.

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Window cleaning

Let us work our magic on your windows with our Pure Freedom pole-fed system. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that your windows are in skilled hands. Whether you live in a cosy residence or manage a spacious commercial property in King's Lynn, our window cleaning service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your space. Our goal is to leave you with streak-free results and a sparkling finish that will make your windows shine like never before. You can trust our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team to deliver outstanding results every visit.  

Glass structures care and Solar Panel maintenance

Beyond windows, we specialise in giving some TLC to conservatories and orangeries, too. Our gentle yet effective techniques leave your glass structures glistening, creating inviting spaces you’ll love spending time in. Whether it's a cosy morning coffee spot or a tranquil afternoon reading nook, we'll make sure your glass spaces are as welcoming as can be, letting in the natural light and enhancing the beauty of your home.
Keep your solar panels shining bright with our regular cleaning service. Our specialised brush is designed to softly yet efficiently remove dirt and debris, extending your panels’ lifespan and ensuring maximum energy efficiency. With our dedicated care, you can enjoy cleaner energy for longer, making use of the sun’s power, while reducing your environmental footprint.  

 A gleaming window reflecting clear blue skies, cleaned to perfection by Pure Freedom pole-fed system. The expert team are using cutting-edge equipment to reach heights up to 70 ft, guaranteeing streak-free, sparkling windows on even the tallest properties.

Gutter cleaning

Our friendly gutter cleaning service is here to keep your gutters flowing smoothly, rain or shine. Whether you are nestled in a cosy cottage or a large townhouse, we'll quickly remove leaves and debris, making sure your gutters stay in great condition year-round. We can take care of your gutters and give you peace of mind that your property is better protected from water-related woes. 

Fascia cleaning

Say goodbye to grime with our efficient fascia cleaning service. Our experienced team will give the outside of your property a new lease of life by removing green algae and dust and tackling every corner. With our specialised equipment, no fascia is beyond our reach. Let us get to work and leave your home looking fresh, inviting, and grime-free.  

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At The Norfolk Cleaning Group, we stand by your side in maintaining your property. For proficient window, gutter, and fascia cleaning services in King's Lynn, call us now on 01692 407 690 or drop us an email at
Immerse yourself in the notable difference our dedicated team can make to elevate the cleanliness, aesthetics, and overall appeal of your property.